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When to Know That Old RV Should be Donated.

What happens to old RVs?

Old motorhome decaying in the trees.Well, that certainly depends on a number of factors, such as when was the last time it was moved from its current spot? If the answer is 2 years or even three years, then the likely hood of it remaining in that spot and never moving again increases significantly. Let's suppose it hasn't moved for three years, then the chance that it hasn't been opened and aired out in months is very high. Mold and dampness are definitely taking their toll on all of the insides. The fabrics will need to be changed and it's probable the roof is leaky.

The tires are dry rotted and the batteries and electrical systems are corroded. Not exactly the RV you're going to take away on vacation. And that's mostly just the home portion of the vehicle. The engine and motorized workings are even in worse shape. The rubber is hard and cracking on all the gaskets and that includes the belts in the engine. Get it running without a major overhaul if you can and chances are it'll break down within the day if out on the road. Not the predicament you want to be in.

Some possible fates for old trailers and motorhomes.
  • They become hunting lodges if they are in the right location. Used infrequently with sleeping bags, they offer some protection from the elements.
  • They make it to a location that will use them for parts.

Or they sit, possible get covered with a tarp and slowly decay. An eyesore.

don't let an old rv decay. make a donation.

A good rule of thumb would be if it hasn't been moved, driven or taken on a vacation in three years it's time to make it a donation.

Is a Donation only about tax savings?

Donating is not only about a tax deduction. It's also about letting go. Sometimes the easiest thing to do with an old RV in the back lot is nothing. How ever that just means that it's going to be decaying and rotting forever. If it hasn't moved in three years, then it's highly likely that it won't again. Donate it and you'll be glad you did. Not necessarily for the tax benefit, just because it's better than having it become an eyesore.

Old Class C motorhome.Riding down the road all over America you'll see what appears to be abandoned RVs, but their owned. And the person that owns the old RV in is usually the one whose land its on.

The owner isn't going to ever fix it back up, because the repairs will cost more than getting a decent used one to replace it. So, it will just decay further making their property look littered. And once the decay starts it accelerates quickly.

Just let it go.

Giving the key to an old RV.When you donate your old RV to a charity you'll feel the satisfaction knowing it's better to give it away than letting it decay away.

To donate; what's next?

An older small travel trailer.

When you donate your old RV you should know a few things about the process. And we explain the things that you'll want to know to make the process easy. All vehicles go through a similar process, so the information that we tell about making car donations can be applied to an RV. It really is an easy process.


Do some reading. You'll find most information that need is right here.


Make the decision. Decide that you are going to donate that RV today.


Pick a local or national charity that does good work for a cause you feel is good.

It's as easy as one. two, three.

Information on Making a Vehicle Donation

Rule of Thumb about older unused RVs: An older RV that hasn't moved in three years is likely to remain in that spot, so should be donated.

Donate Your Old RV to the Local Charity of your Choice

Pick up the phone and speak directly.We offer you direct contact to NPR (National Public Radio) or a recommended local charity, each having donation programs for cars and vehicles.

Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

Find a Charity in Your State