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Recommended Charities in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

These Charities Have Vehicle Donations Programs

Donate a car.The less fortunate can receive cars that are in running condition after they have completed a program that helps them get back on their feet. Some charities operate just such a program. They arrange for cars that are damaged or won't run to be fixed up so they can once again be put back to good use.

By donating a car, boat or RV directly to the charity of your choice more of the proceeds go to the organization which actually does the work in the community. Our choices make special mention for car donations, so each site will have in place a program that you can deal with directly.

Discover a cause that is dear to your heart and right in your own neighborhood and donate your car.

We provide you direct contact to the charity.


Brother Wolf Animal Resue, Asheville, NC

Georgia Cancer Support
P.O. Box 1938
Milledgeville, GA 31059


North Carolina




Christmount and Camp Lakey Retreat 

222 Fern Way
Black Mountain, NC 28711



South Carolina

Brother Wolf Animal Resue, Asheville, NC

Palmetto Animal League
56 Riverwalk Boulevard
Okatie, SC 29936










Cars Offer More Than Just Transportation

Drivable cars- direct who needs them most. If your car is drivable and is donated to the right organization, then it will end up doing a tremendous amount of good. It can move a person towards independence quickly.

Cars that are drivable can benefit families or individuals who may have fallen down on their luck. With an automobile maintaining a job is more likely and pride of having transportation increases stability, especially in rural areas. It increases well being. Imagine not having a car or motorized transportation in most rural areas and you'll begin to realize the hurdles that have to be overcome. Without transportation it becomes very difficult to climb out of poverty and dispair.