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Charities for Car Donations in the Rocky Mountain States

Recommended Charities in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah.

Choosing yes.There are many western organizations to choose from. We would like to recommend a few in Montana and Idaho. Donating your car directly with a chosen organization means more benefits end up with that charity. They choose a local partner who works directly with them for handling the vehicle pick-up and sale. That usually means those services cost less.

Take a look at these 501c3 non-profit organizations; you may just discover a good cause right in your own neighborhood.

We provide you direct contact to the charity.








Idaho Youth Ranch Car Donation Program

Idaho Youth Ranch
5465 W. Irving Street
Boise, ID 83706



Missoula Aging Service Car Donations

Missoula Aging Services
337 Stephens Avenue,
Missoula, MT 59801





SafeNest for Car Donations

Safe Nest: Temporary Assistance for Domestic Crisis, Inc.
3925 W Cheyenne Ave.
N. Las Vegas, NV 89032


Vegas PBS for Car Donations

Vegas PBS
3050 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121




Utah Food Bank for car Donation. 

Utah Food Bank: Feeding Utah's Families
3150 South 900 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119








Cars for Charity

Donating directly ensures that more of the proceeds actually end up with the charity. Most charities prefer to have established a relationship with the people who pick up and sell the vehicle.

Vehicle donations have become a major revenue source for many non-profit organization. Some of these organizations actually use donated cars or give them to needy recipients, however the majority have the vehicles auctioned off, collecting some of the proceeds. By dealing directly with the non-profit it ensures that they get to select the company that will pick up the car and handle the sale. This means that they will have a better handle on the expenses.