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Donate Your Old Car to NPR

NPR Vehicle donation. Donate your Car.National Public Radio makes it easy for your vehicle to be donated. They have established a system where costs are lower than most other vehicle donation programs which results in more of the proceeds going to your local radio station. If you are a listener then you already know the value of NPR (National Public Radio), not only its great music, news, and national shows, but also the local features, like the shows offering listener call-in with topics that discuss everything from gardening to photography. So, give something back, let that car go to NPR.

What to look for in vehicle donation programs.

Not all vehicle donation programs are equal. Some services have much higher costs than others. The result will be less money for the cause you want to support. NPR's car donation program is one of the best where a high percentage of the sold car's funds end up with the station. Cars donated go to support the stations that bring us some of the best radio available.

Car donation programs are not all the same. There are costs associated with picking up cars or other vehicles and selling them. These are real costs which will come out of the donation's proceeds. The amount these costs reduce the proceeds can vary. Reasonable is the operative word when it comes to these costs.

The NPR Car Talk video explains what to look for, whether you are donating your car to a non-profit radio station or any other type of charity. Giving a gift of an older car makes a big positive difference to a non-profit. Funds that they can use to do the good work that they do. And donating cars gives back to each giver. Donators know they have helped the community. Making a car donation is really easy as 1,2,3.

Vehicle Donations are Coordinated Independently by Local Public Radio Stations

Donate cars to NPR sign.

1 Vehicle donations are coordinated by the local NPR station. Find your local National Public Radio station using the tool below.

2 Give them a call and tell them you have a vehicle that you wish to donate.

3 In just a few days you'll be waving goodbye to your older car.

Non-profit Radio Stations

Several different types of non-commercial and non-profit radio stations exist. There are educational, community, religious, like Christian Radio, state public affairs networks, and journalism schools, just to name a few. Forty-two percent of noncommercial educational radio stations broadcast in a primarily religious format. FCC regulations say stations may broadcast in this format and a noncommercial license may be held by a religious entity so long as the station is to be used primarily to serve the educational needs of the community.

Non-commercial Radio

The difference between commercial and non-commercial radio is the degree to which the station airs commercials. Commercial stations play paid advertisements, some of which can be long, to collect enough revenue to pay for the station's operations and still make a profit. On the contrary, non-commercial stations do not run advertisements. In fact, under Section 399b of the Communications Act of 1934, stations which hold a non-commercial frequency are legally prohibited from playing advertisements.

Find a NPR Station

Find your NPR station folder.National Public Radio handles their vehicle donations at the local station level.

Donate a Car to NPR

Cartalk Vehicle Donation program folder.Call your local NPR station directly or use the Cartalk Vehicle Donation Program.

NPR Station List

Folder of NPR radio stations by state.You can download a list of all NPR stations. They are listed by state, town and station.