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Recommended Charities in the Great Lake States

Charities in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan & Wisconsin for Car Donations

Choosing yes.There are many great organizations to choose from. We would like to recommend a few for your consideration. Charitable work is done in many different ways, from cancer cures to helping volunteers who do work in our communities.

Take a look at the non-profit organizations in our lists, you may just discover a cause that is dear to your heart and right in your own neighborhood.

We provide you direct contact to the charity.















Volunteers of America Ohio car donation program.

Volunteers of America Greater Ohio
1776 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43203




Rawhide car donation program.

E7475 Rawhide Rd
New London, WI 54961



Putting Donors Directly to Charities

Putting donors and non-profits in touch. One call and things start to happen.

We put donors directly together with charities, or their representatives, for vehicle donations. The end result is that more of the proceeds go to non-profit and that means more gest used on the work that they do.

Make Car Donations Directly to these Charities.

Car donation programs for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan...