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If your charity is a 501C3 registered organization , an accepted religious entity, or a NPR station and you have a vehicle donation service in place, you can become listed in our site and it's totally free. We offer you the advantage of gaining access to "direct to you car donations" to fund your charitable work by including your website, which will be listed by the state in which you operate. Readers come to our site for the resources that answer their questions about the vehicle donation process. These questions range from the actual mechanics of how to make a donation, to specifics regarding a possible tax deduction and how the IRS looks at vehicle donations. Included in this learning process is the choice, many times only made after their initial questions are answered, about picking the right charity. Once they have confirmed that a vehicle donation is a good and easy way to make a difference, they often then and only then, decide which organization would be their choice. Having your charity listed is "being in the right place at the right time".

How to Add Your 501C3 Charity

Here's how to get listed. Complete our contact form and submit it to us. Include your website address, car donation landing page, and contact information. Once we have confirmed your submittal we will then place a listing of your organization for direct donor contact at no cost what so ever.

We welcome requests to be added to our suggested list of charities. The process is quick and easy. After completing and submitting our form we will verify that your organization meets with our general guidelines, which include being a 501c3 registered charity or a religious organization with a vehicle donation program in place where we can add a direct link and a website that explains what your organization does. We will look at your website to locate the proper landing page for your listing so visitors can deal with your donation process directly. After reviewing and approving your charity's website we will list your organization, so people who are looking to donate can find you.

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Mission & Services

Donate in letters.Our mission is to offer the resources and information that will help bring vehicle donations directly to non-profit charities who make a positive difference for our communities; one hand helping the other.


The Best of Both Worlds

Group of thumbs up hands.Donating a car or other vehicle, (boat, RV or motorcycle) has proven to be a win-win situation. Charities receive much needed funds to continue with their work and the donator gets the satisfaction of helping the community.

Start now, start today; list your charity with us.

Every day vehicles are offered as donations.

Your charity could put extra funds to work doing the good that you do.

Helping those that help others.

“Charity is one of those remarkable words that helps to identify the fault lines of a culture.”
Janet Poppendieck

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