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Donate a Car in California

Donate a car in California to non-profit organizations.To maximize your charitable contribution choose a non-profit organization that takes vehicles directly or one that works through a reputable car donation program. This helps ensure that most of the proceeds will go straight to the charities' work and those the causes that they support. The best car donation programs will negotiate higher prices for the sale of the vehicle, as well as reduce costs by using more reasonable services to pick up and sell the car. This results in more of the proceeds going directly to the charity. And that is what most people want, that the charity of their choice gets the most out of their donation.

The best vehicle donation programs in California.

Car donation programs do vary. Better car donation programs usually pass along 75% to 80% of the net vehicle proceeds after a sale to their non-profit clients and keep disposal costs down.

Car donations in California with keys to the car.Car donation programs are not all the same. That's because some offer a better service where the large majority of the proceeds goes to the chosen charity, while others take substantial costs that they pocket for the process. There are costs associated with picking up vehicles and selling them. Operating a cost efficient car program requires understanding the car auction process, knowing and executing the correct DMV paperwork, and understanding vehicle valuations. Having a network of resources and a commitment to customer service will ensure the best possible results for both nonprofit organizations and the citizens that donate to them. These are real costs which will come out of the donation's proceeds. The amount these costs reduce the proceeds can vary. The best Car Donation programs in California will be on the lower end. Reasonable is the operative word when it comes to these costs.

We have a few local 501c3 organizations in California that will be very glad to receive proceeds from a vehicle donation. They work with reputable car donation companies who handle the process locally in California for the charity. After the process is complete they will send the proceeds directly to the charity. For those that aren't sure which local charity to choose we list three of our favorite national organizations that each have a presence in most local communities, NPR, The Salvation Army, and Autism Speaks. One is picking up the car, These are real costs which will come out of the donation's proceeds. The amount these costs reduce the proceeds can vary. Reasonable is the operative word when it comes to these costs. Car Donation California

Coordinate With the Best Car Donation Programs

Donate cars to NPR sign.

1 The best vehicle donation programs will only deal with registered 510c3 nonprofits.

2 Their services should include free and friendly vehicle pick-up within two to three days.

3 They will ensure that you receive the highest possible tax deduction for your donated vehicle or car.


National Organizations Recommended for a Car Donation in California

Car donation specialist for California car donations.There are several excellent organizations that do great work and are listed 501c3 charities. A few of our favorites are NPR (National Public Radio) which takes vehicle donations on the local level. Just find your local NPR station below and give them a call. The Salvation Army operates their Family Stores and is an excellent place to deal with for a car donation in California. Autism Speaks works to the better understanding of Autism and offers support for individuals with autism and their families.

Your Local NPR Station

Find your NPR station folder.National Public Radio handles their vehicle donations at the local station level.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army Kettle Family Stores.The Salvation Army Family Stores "Doing the Most Good".

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks.Autism Speaks Car Donations.