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About Donate Car Radio

Making car donations help charities do good work. It's all about giving back to the community. is an online resource for information about vehicle donations to charities and non-profit 501C3 organizations.

We offer information and resources to bring those who want to donate their older vehicle together with the Public Radio and non-profits who need money for their cause. We do not accept vehicles for donation, but do encourage you to engage the non-profit organizations that we list. We do not have any direct affiliation with National Public Radio. is not affiliatedwith National Public Radio (NPR) or any of its individual stations.

All good charity starts with hard work and dedicated people, but without the funds to keep things going, these charities would not be able to keep giving back to the community. They need support. Support from donating an older car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle.

Young business person.Donating cars, boats, trucks, RVs and other vehicles has become a major source of funding for charitable organizations. Without this help so much would be left undone. Giving, by way of a donation, makes people feel better. There is nothing quite like knowing that a gift has gone to the greater good of the community. It also lightens the load. Letting go of unwanted things makes for a simpler easier existence and so many people have said after they made a donation that, not only did they feel good, they felt less burdened. And that's essentially what we're about; making it easier for these vehicle donations to find a way to your non-profit. We break it down into three steps.


Do your homework by learning how vehicle donations benefit both the giver and the charity. Get the answers to the questions that you might be thinking about deductions.


Understand the process, from the types of vehicles that you can donate to the paperwork that's needed. Discover how donating an older car is actually quite easy.


Pick the local NPR station or local charity that does they type of good work that you care most about and then make that call. Within two or three days you'll be waving goodbye to that old car.


Don't just park it. Donate it and make a difference.

We want to see your old car making its way back to the community.

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DonateCarRadio lists all types of charities. If your organization is a 501c3, then get connected with us.

It's an easy process. Just fill out the contact form, take the next step and get listed.

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An easy to access an "always there' online resource with loads of information about vehicle donation.

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To bring together givers and helpers to make the local community a better place.

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Educating contributors on an easy way to support their favorite local NPR station or local charity with information, instruction and advice.

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Each of our pages offer a broad topic discussion with lots of small tidbits about the kind of things that people want to learn when they are researching a topic. Our topics are all about vehicle donations to Public Radio and charity.


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    No other radio broadcast offers the intelligent insight into what's going on in to world. The best listening day in and day out available. Where news is wrapped in authentic accuracy and music is near perfection.

    -- Donate Car Radio
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