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Donating a Vehicle is Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Have you ever thought about making a gift of your car to a worthwhile charity? Thousands of others have and are doing just that; giving their older car to NPR, ETV, Christian charities or a local non-profit (501c3) organization. We give you the information you need. Donating a vehicle, whether it's an older car, an RV, a boat, or even a motorcycle, has become a popular way to make a positive contribution that makes a difference.

Donate Your Car

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Donating a vehicle to charity directly is one of the best and easiest ways to make a difference. You get to help a local charitable organization, rid yourself of an older vehicle without having to deal with the hassle of selling it and benefit from IRS allowed deductions come tax time.

Vehicle Donations Make Sense

Tax Advantages

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Before you know it tax season will be around again. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a deduction? By donating your older vehicle to a legitimate charity you'll pay less in taxes and know that your car went to help a good cause. Here's what the IRS says about car donations.

Car Donation Tax Advantages

It's Easy & Fast

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Nothing can be more frustrating than getting bogged down in a complex transaction, but that won't be the case when you donate your car to NPR or a local charity of your choice. It's easy and quick and really is hassle free. In no time at all you'll be waving goodbye to that old car.

Here's How to Donate

About Us

Donate Car NPR office.Donate Car Radio offers easy access to the information that you want when considering donating a vehicle to charity. We help you understand the advantages of donating your older car.

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We make it easy for you to donate directly to NPR or a local non-profit organization of your choice.


Why donating your car counts.

Old parked cars just rust away. Donated cars become funds for good causes in the community.

National Public Radio

One of our true treasures, bringing millions of listeners music, information and news everyday .


1 You're making a difference that benefits others. Donating an older vehicle whose proceeds goes to a good charitable cause is very gratifying.

2 The IRS allows a tax deduction for most vehicle donations to a 501C charity. That means you can reduce your tax bill, which ends up to be money back in your pocket.

3 It's simple, easy and straight forward. You'll be taking one more step to simplifying and reducing the things you no longer need, making life less complicated.

What you want to know.

  • Donate Directly - IT just makes sense:

    Senior at her desk.Car donations make good sense and benefit both the donor and the charity.

    We put donors in direct contact with non-profit organizations, Christian charities and NPR. Donate directly to their car donation program so more of the proceeds end up with the charity. Which is what you want.

    Updated: 6.15.19
  • an online presence:

    Young man with a laptop.Most people start a car donation by doing basic research online, because understanding the process is important. More and more an online presence with charities is an important way to raise money. The easier it is to find you the better for your charity.

    Find the organization you want to donate to.

  • reach out for donors:

    Just say yes to donating.Research has shown that when a person has decided on acting, they will usually complete the process in a matter of a few days, especially in making a donation, including car and RV donations.

    There is power in "just say yes".

    Updated: 2.21.19

    add your non-profit:

    Young lady who helps non-profits.We have made it easy for qualified 501c3 non-profit organizations to become listed with us. Take a few minutes and make a presence, it's totally free.

    With just a few steps you can be added to our lists of charitable causes that are looking for vehicle donations.

    List Your Charity For Direct Car Donations

    Updated: 4.6.19

What you need to know about making a car donation.

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